Welcome to Simply Good Cooking! We’re Olivia, Isabelle and Emma – three childhood friends who created this website to share a passion for making delicious, wholesome meals.

We’ve been cooking together since we were young girls, making cookies, cakes and more. As adults, we realized we all share a love of cooking that brings people together. On our last Christmas vacation, we decided to combine our skills and start Simply Good Cooking.

Our goal is to provide recipes that fit all kinds of eaters and occasions, including:

  • Healthy dinners
  • Vegan and vegetarian recipes
  • Gluten-free recipes
  • Mediterranean diet recipes
  • Seafood recipes like salmon, shrimp
  • Chicken recipes
  • Breakfast and lunch recipes
  • Baked goods like breads, pizza, muffins
  • Appetizers and snacks
  • Desserts
  • Cocktails and drinks
  • Smoothies, coffee drinks, tea and more recipes

Our goal is to provide recipes for classic, uncomplicated meals made with wholesome ingredients. You’ll find easy weeknight dinners, holiday favorites, delicious baked goods and more. We also love to recreate or copycat recipes of famous and popular restaurants around the globe. We also offer tips to make cooking approachable for busy home cooks.

At Simply Good Cooking, food isn’t just about nutrients – it’s about connection. It’s about taking care of yourself and those you love. It’s about taking pride in the simple act of cooking. We hope sharing recipes brings more goodness into your kitchen and into your life!