Organic vs. Non-Organic

Here I believe the differences between organic vs non-organic are clearly visible. Color, firmness, flavor — organic tomatoes trump store tomatoes in all the important categories, hands down.  Firmness and flavor can’t be conveyed in a photograph, but I’m guessing you can imagine which tomato tastes better.  I know which one I choose!

tomato compare #1




tomato compare #2













The deep-red tomato on the left, grown in a friend’s garden, is bursting with vitamins and anti-oxidants and FLAVOR, and if you’ve ever grown your own tomatoes, you know just the flavor I’m talking about. 


The tomato on the right is a standard, every-day grocery store tomato.  No comparison.  


Next time someone says that buying organic is too expensive, just remember: food is supposed to taste good.



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