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Sausage, mushroom, green pepper pizza,

Pizza is one of those satisfying meals that’s gotten lost or obscured in the blur of fast food restaurants and frozen aisle entrees. Many of us have become accustomed to the taste of those assembly line pizzas, the drive-thru Take & Bakes, or the frozen pies wrapped in plastic and cardboard.  Not a bad choice in a pinch, but nothing remotely resembling the deliciousness of a home baked pizza.  Once you’ve had one, you realize that nothing else compares.

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Lemon-Blueberry Trifle

Here is a much-simplified version of the classic British dessert, updated with a burst of lemon curd and some crunchy gingersnaps. Like many of the Simply Good Cooking recipes, this one can be made quite simply by following the recipe as written, or by choosing a variation on the given ingredient list and making some of your own combinations.  For example, I’ve included the use of store-bought gingersnaps and lemon curd, but you could easily make your own cookies, as well as lemon curd.  That is up to you.  The options give you quite a bit of flexibility in how much time is you spend cooking, while not sacrificing flavor or quality.  If you do purchase store-bought ingredients, always look for the highest quality available and you won’t go wrong.

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Poached Salmon

salmon dinnerThis is a wonderful recipe for a refreshing summer afternoon or evening.  Poach the salmon in the morning, let it chill for a few hours, and enjoy it whenever you’re ready to eat.  It’s delicious with a lemon wedge, a dollop of mayonnaise and a sprinkling of fresh dill.  Cold cucumber salad or potato salad are a perfect complement to the fish, along with a dessert of fresh fruit and cheese.  This is one dish to make those long summer evenings that much more memorable.

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Sloppy Joes

sloppy joesThese beauties are a simply-fixed meal for any night of the week — a childhood favorite, even for those of us who only dreamed of them as a kid.  When I was young my family fell back on canned chili or take-out for nights when no one wanted to cook.  These days I prefer my own cooking, and this recipe for lip-smacking Sloppy Joes hits the spot perfectly. What wonderful comfort food!

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Fish & Chips

Good fish (with chips) are crunchy, not soggy, and have just the right amount of batter coating the fish to keep the fish moist but well-cooked. ‘Just the right amount,’ of course, is completely subjective, but I think the proportions here are a great jumping off point for anyone wanting to tweak this recipe a bit to make it their own. It’s actually pretty quick to make, just assemble everything and make sure you have an oil thermometer — temperature is everything! Continue reading

Spicy Chicken

This simple dinner dish is made with an interesting combination of spices to create an uncommon, atypical chicken dish to please the whole family. Though it does have several spices and ingredients, it’s quite simple to put together in a short time and the result is well worth treading into potentially new territory for what could result in your new favorite stand by.

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