Warm, Crispy Goat Cheese Wheels

These Goat Cheese Wheels are a succulent combination of warm and creamy filling coated by a thin, barely-crisp breading, an unexpected complement to a crisp cold salad.  Take the time to carefully prepare the cheese and you’ll have the best result, a quick, amazingly satisfying salad “garnish”, or appetizer.  Can be served as finger food, but have spare napkins ready — they’re a bit messy!

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Vegetable Beignets

Vegetable Beignets, simplygoodcooking.comBeignets are, perhaps, better known as a dessert or cookie, but these savory beignets are a delicious variation on the theme.  It’s kind of fun to have friends over and serve these hot, right as they come out of the pot. Have a selection of dips and sauces available, and fry until everything has been consumed.  Kind of a splurge of a meal in terms of calories and fat, but every now and then everyone appreciates a really good splurge.  It’s wonderful!

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Fish & Chips

Good fish (with chips) are crunchy, not soggy, and have just the right amount of batter coating the fish to keep the fish moist but well-cooked. ‘Just the right amount,’ of course, is completely subjective, but I think the proportions here are a great jumping off point for anyone wanting to tweak this recipe a bit to make it their own. It’s actually pretty quick to make, just assemble everything and make sure you have an oil thermometer — temperature is everything! Continue reading